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Using our Free vMall website is your acceptance of any terms listed or linked to text below. If you cannot accept our terms, then do not use our service.
  1. Age. By using this site, you agree to be old enough to do so; old enough to form financial transactions with other adults. We do not do age verification. Parents should parent their own children.
  2. Bids. Before placing a bid, be certain about the item and the amount you wish to bid. Although bidding is possible from an item list, we recommend that you view the item and read its full detail. The seller is responsible for describing their item accurately. The buyer is responsible for studying the full detail of the listing. Once a bid is successfully entered, the seller can not edit the listing. However, they can withdraw it via deletion (see below).
    1. History. Bidding history is not stored. We only record the highest bidder, highest bid, and count the number of bids made on an item.
    2. Increment. Our bid increment is $0.01.
    3. Max. To protect buyers from entering typos or overbidding, we cap max bids at twice the minimum bid. However, if a buyer really wants to bid something up, then they may place successive bids.
  3. Currency. All prices are in US Dollars.
  4. Dates. Free vMall ℠ uses a YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss format where YYYY is a 4-digit integer representing the year, MM is a 2-digit ineteger indicating the month, DD provides the day, hh is hour, mm is minutes, and ss is seconds.
  5. Donations. We welcome donations although they are totally not necessary. Our action site is free to our users.
  6. Free. What do we mean by free? Free means that the Free vMall website charges no fees such as the "insertion fees", "final value fees", and other fees charged by other online auction sites and services; it's free to use our site as a medium to transact auctions. There are no service limits or paid premium services. Every users enjoyes the same free use of our website. Of course, buyers must pay sellers for their items. And 3rd parties such as PayPal or credit cards may charge fees. Our Free vMall ℠ site has no influence or control over either of those.
  7. Illegal Activity. We do very little in the way of monitoring and assume no responsibility for the actions of our users. However, we urge everyone to follow all laws relevant to their place of residence regarding postings and tranactions made on this Free vMall ℠ website.
  8. Indemnity. Using Free vMall ℠ requires that you indemnify and hold us completely harmless from any and all claims or demands including our affiliates, agents, contractors, directors, employees, officers, subsidiaries, and suppliers.
  9. Items.
    1. Autorenewal. Auctioned items autorenew by default. However, members can turn autorenewal off.
    2. Brand. The item's make or brand such as Nike, LEGO, or Ford.
    3. Condition. New is meant to mean brand new; still in the sealed box. Like new means from an opened box but never used.
    4. Deletion. Sellers may delete an item completely even if there are bids on it, but only before bidding has expired. If an item's listing closes with an active bid greater than the seller's reserve price, then the seller is obligated to provide the item at the agreed upon price.
    5. Delivery. Items can be shipped, picked up, or either meaning either shipped or picked up; or delivered as downloadable PDF files To determine their interest in an item, buyers should review the seller's delivery terms.
      • Download. If an item is delivered via electronic download then shipping is irrelevant and there is no cost to the buyer.
      • Free Shipping. If a seller offers free shipping, their offer pertains only between members in the same country. Buyers from other countries who remain interested in purchasing should contact the seller to discuss international shipment.
      • Paid Shipping. If an item is delivered by paid shipping, the buyer should look at the seller's location, item dimensions, and weight, then estimate the shipping cost. This is easy to do. For example in the US, just visit the Post Office shipping cost calculator page, enter the item's information, and you'll have it. Items can be shipped COD. Or buyers can print a shipping label to PDF and email to the seller. It's up to the buyer to decide whether they want to insure the shipment.
      • Local Pickup. If an item is delivered by local pickup, then usually the buyer would travel to the seller's location and pick up the item. So, this would happen at the buyer's cost including fuel / mileage to get there plus any trailer rental, etc. if needed for large items.
      • Either. A delivery option of Either means either buyer-burdened option; either Paid Shipping or Local Pickup.
    6. Description. A detailed description of the item at least 20 characters long. HTML is allowed. Describe the item itself only. Do not link to or advertise for a separate website or company. Sellers must list complete descriptions of their items and divulge any known lack of function, intermittent function, damage, etc.
    7. Edit. Sellers can edit an item only if there have been no bids placed. One reason for this is to deter potential deceptive practices by disallowing a seller to change the terms of sale or item description after a bid has been placed. If a seller discovers mistakes in their description after bids have been placed, they may withdraw the auction by deleting the item completely.
    8. Gender. Indicates whether the item generally appeals strongly to one gender such as a mens tie or womans high-heeled shoes.
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