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Free vMall is designed to help normal everyday people buy and sell items from eachother online without sucking you dry with a dizzying myriad of fees or limiting you to a local market. We're just getting started. Tell your friends and spread the word. Click one of the links above to:
  • Get guidance on how items are categorized.
  • Contact us.
  • Review our Terms of Service.
Our focus now is getting members joined-up, and items listed in certain areas. Once an initial inventory of items has been entered, then we will invite the general public to participate. To make this start-up period painless for our first wave of members, we created a super cool autorenewal feature. This means any auctions that expire unsold will automatically be relisted. It turns out that this feature is pretty nice for general use because it's our experience that items take a long time to sell online. So, you can list you items here and don't have to worry or mess around with them much until they ultimately sell.
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Will you help us make the world a better place? When big business obsesses over squeezing out every last penny of profit, it's good for them (in the short term), but often bad for everyone else. It's bad for everyday people especially when it's done through growing and optimzing a fee structure rather than adding new features or services for the customer. It's worst when becoming so corrupt that only their business is making money while the rest of us struggle just to get by. Have you begun to feel this way especially on eBay? By the time we pay eBay's fees, there's often little or nothing left; right? Our service is free. And it will remain free to our members forever. So, it's a place where everyday people can buy and sell their items and retain maximum benefit. If you agree this is a good idea, please:
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  • List your items for sale or auction. We recommend, if you make your own unique handmade or personlized items, it's better to list those for sale. But if you have used or unique / one of a kind items, then it's better to list those for auction. Auctions autorenew, so it's low maintenance.
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