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New NatashaArtDolls Newborn Bear Handmade Cloth Stuffed Animal Toy Sale by NatashaArtDolls
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The first doll for your baby; a cotton toy bear comforter . This toy comforter is best doll for the babies. His hands and feet are two knots that babies and kids love playing and even teething and biting. Because freevmall charges no fees, our lowest price is offered here (3% less than anywhere else). Specifications: Height: 12.60 inches (32 cm). Shipping size and weight is estimated. Cost to the US is usually $12. Duties may apply. Contact me for details, and thanks for considering my dolls. Keywords: newborn toy nursery toy bear waldorf doll baby first toy comforter bear comforter toy organic plush toy crib toy soft bear cuddly toy cotton
Item # 306
Listed 2021-01-03 11:00:03
Popularity 608 views, 0 watches, 0 wishes
Status Expired
? Condition New
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? Brand NatashaArtDolls
? Model Newborn Bear
? Title Handmade Cloth Stuffed Animal Toy
Seller person NatashaArtDolls
? Type Paid Shipping
Country Armenia
Zip Code 0010
Shipped Size 12 x 3 x 3 inches
Shipped Weight 1 pounds
Type local_offer Fixed Price
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? Fixed Price $ 32.30
Quantity Sold 0
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